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Varieties to enrich Nghe midland
Posted on: 14/4/2012 - Viewed: 10616

Nghe An has a total area of ​​7.000ha tea, mainly hybrid varieties: LDP1 and LDP2. The same quality tea has very good drought tolerance has changed the face of the Nghe tea ...

July, Nghe seemed on fire by the wind pipe. Yet amazingly, Ho Chi Minh City on the road through rural territory known that the climate suddenly out how much immense blue princess tea. Like tea is a symbol of life on here. Image flickers hypothalamus tea bowl is beautifully tiled roof houses still fresh. Over ten years ago I had some the night at a youth camp Brigade volunteers, like the tea hills.

In Nghe An has a very good model is to create the total youth teams, specializing in mining, enrichment on fallow lands. And perhaps it comes as a total team comes to tea - staple crops in their economic development. Often a young couple of teams participating, 1-2 ha of land allocated hills, their tea, forestry, animal husbandry, stable life. But to have a color of the tea area Nghe today I need to know due to a drought-resistant hybrid tea special: Just LDP1 and LDP2, Tea Research Institute, now the Scientific Institute of Agriculture, Forest Service Northern Mountains ( NOMASI).

Anh Ho Ngoc Sy, Director General for Investment and Development Company Nghe An Tea once said to me: The first Nghe tea to thank the scientists of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology Institute mountainous north, has given us I like this especially hybrid tea. Nghe An has over 7,000 hectares of tea, then there are over 6,000 hectares of hybrid varieties of the Institute is no longer covered will replace all the old varieties. Here tea varieties tested, but if not burned by the wind pipe is also stunted low. LDP is only just good head, so that plug sunny grass-down is up, become trees enrich Nghe tea growers.

Delegation of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Vietnam (VAAS) to this region of Nghe An Tea wants realization of a new technical measures of the Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology of the northern mountainous farming techniques safe tea . Dr. Do Van Ngoc, Deputy Director NOMASI, a fairly deep scientific understanding of the tea plant, said intensive model safe tea in Nghe An application has many advantages it has had an optimal effect. Nghe An is where the radical alternative grain varieties grown in the past with new varieties of tea cuttings LDP, the varieties with high productivity and best quality of the Institute is now the Ministry of Agriculture - Rural Development recognized. Harvesting tea in Nghe An is also entirely by machine, is very important in the production of safe tea.

Dr Ngoc, tea cuttings not only retains the same characteristics of parents that shorten growth duration, high yield. Tea shoots after 2 years is put into the business, 3 years old NS reaching 3 tons / ha of tea for 6-7 year old collection of 21 tons / ha and 8-10 years can reach 28 tons / ha.

New intensive method that is piloting the Institute is to increase inorganic fertilizers and organic. Old process 25kg fertilizer nitrogen (N) / ton of product is now increased to 35 kg N / ton of product, plus an additional 70-75kg fertilizer magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) / ha and to encourage more organic fertilizers. Inorganic fertilizer formula is adjusted, the front ratio N: P: K was 3:1:1, now is 3:1:2, meaning that extra potassium. Intensive farming with new methods to ensure increased productivity 10-15% tea / year (intensive techniques common now only increased 4-5% / year), until 14 years old tea yield optimization. In Nghe An, the Institute has implemented the new technique on an area to 850ha, very effective. This is also a local leader in the country of tea improved synchronization technology, from seed stage to intensive farming techniques, harvesting and overall system processing plants are the most modern technology OTC. So many areas of tea though soil conditions, better climate and yield in tea processing technology lost Nghe An, for refusing to invest in technology innovation.

MSc Ho Ngoc Sy, Director of Investment and Development Company tea Nghe An: "Before tea harvest by hand, each year to 34 litter pickers, Princess tea bud always so many diseases.

Harvested by machine now, a year only about 8 age cut, cut the series should have no shelter pests that develop, so the tea without using pesticides, which cost the idle, and products are safety. "

Follow us to the family of Mr. Nguyen Cong Huynh, Yen Khe, Con Cuong district, a new tea-growing areas of Phu Bai Tea Factory (Uk Son, Nghe An). Mr. Huynh has nearly half a hectare of tea, all tea varieties are grown from hybrid LDP2 LDP1 and 2002. He said, before the family tea seed yield is too low and almost summer or cold winter would not grow tea should not be harvested. This hybrid tea is too strong to see them, and care, if any further watering is harvested year round. In 2008, when the province's policy to purchase computer support (40% of the machine) collection of tea, we also purchase a new machine, rather than harvested as before beginners torrid day on the hill tea pickers are pole.

Parents now his home by machine harvesting tea per month should be freshly cut tea once (pre-harvest hand-picked to constant). He averaged 1.7 tons per batch cut fresh tea, enterprises need to price 2.35 million / ton, earning about 4 million, a sum not less monthly income in this mountainous and midland regions.

Vice Chairwoman Hong Quynh Vi Con Cuong district, said the average income of tea growers in the district are reached below 4 million / month, very pretty. Con Cuong is only open to the raw material tea factory Phu Bai should only have 400 hectares of tea. But with such high income levels, we are not difficult to extend to 2010 planning has approximately 1,000 ha of tea, with varieties, new techniques associated processing and tea will be the main tree key economic development of the district our tomorrow.


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